Product Manager, maker

Stephen O'Grady


Hey there! My name is Stephen and I'm a Product Manager and No/Low Code Architect based in Vancouver, BC.

I have over 15 years of experience working with brands, agencies and companies like RBC, Hootsuite, 8020, Shadow Creative Studios, Continuum and Airtable.

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No Code Solutions

Airtable Influencer Database


Airtable wanted to track the results of the American Song Contest reality TV competition hosted by Snoop Dogg & Kelly Clarkson. For 8 weeks, we pulled social media data & tracked competition progress.

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Product Management

Podcast Delivery


The Podcast Delivery platform, website, and newsletter is a reliable ecosystem and resource for podcast creators looking to get their podcast in front of the right audience.

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No Code Solutions



Continuum connects the best people executives to venture-backed companies. A two-sided, managed marketplace to connect reputable and experienced executives with companies in need of expert guidance.

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Business Operations

Payment Platforms


Different needs require different payment stacks and there's a number of ways to set that up. I rely on 10+ years of experience in the payments industry to identify the right solution for your needs.

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No Code Solutions

No Code Newsletter Creator


Running a growing newsletter can be challenging when the business side of things take hold. I created focus by moving content creation into Airtable and never looking back.

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No Code Solutions

No Code Referral App


There are general referral apps in the market but with Airtable, Zapier, Webflow, and Mailchimp I built my own custom referral app for less than it'd cost to subscribe to a referral solution.

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